Graduated in Biological Sciences for the University of Barcelona the 1990. Speciality Zoology (with subjects of Oceanography and of Marine Biology). Third cycle in Sciences of the Sea for the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, the University of Barcelona and the Institute of Sciences of the Sea (CSIC) (1993 and 1997).
Executive Director of Litoral Consult.

Associative profile, of depiction and participatory
Member of APROMA (Interdisciplinary Association of Professionals of the Environment) since 1998 and, currently, General Member.
Legal secretary of the Catalan Association for the Innovation and the Internationalisation of the Water's Sector (Catalan CWP-Catalan Water Partnership) from the constitution the 2008, of that which Litoral Consult is founding partner.
Member of the National Association of Business of Professional Diving (ANEBP) give of its constitution the 2006, of that which Litoral Consult is founding partner.
Deputy chairman of the Catalan Association of Environmental Engineering companies and Consultancies (ACECMA) of that which Litoral Consult is member from 2001, member of the Spanish Federation of Environmental Associations (FEAMA) from its constitution, being part of the board of directors of ACECMA since 2005 and acting tasks of coordination of the Commission of Sustainability.
Municipal board member of Environment and Sustainability of the Barcelona City Hall Member of the Jury Technician of the Prizes Sustainable City of the Fundació Fòrum Ambiental Committee member of Environment of the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona Committee member of Environment of PIMEC.